The Case Competition Manager Story

The Case Competition Manager app was created by students as a summer internship provided by Tippie College of Business. Tippie Tech, a business student organization, and the college collaborated to create meaningful experiences for students whose internship opportunities were lost due to COVID-19. The app continued development and recieved new features from a business capstone class. The students who helped make this app possible are listed below!


Isaac Perrilles​ - Information Systems, B.B.A 2020​
Tyler Jackson - Business Analytics, B.B.A 2021
Yanni Mihalopoulos - Business Analytics, B.B.A 2021
Zachary McDaniel - Business Analytics, B.B.A 2021


Cheyao Guo - Information Systems, B.B.A 2020
Emily Bacatan - Information Systems, B.B.A 2020

Faculty Supervisors

Kristy Walker - Lecturer of Business Analytics
Micheal Colbert - Associate Professor of Practice & Director of Undergraduate Studies in Business Analytics

Yanni Mihalopoulos (left), Isaac Perrilles (center), Zach McDaniel (right)